The Story....

Where do you go when you are in critical need of medical care? You go to the hospital's Intensive Care Unit.
Where do you go when you are in critical need of lessons? You go to Louisa's Instructional Content (Area) Unit!

Education is changing, students are digital natives and some of us feel pressured to meet the needs of 21st Century Learning in our classroom. BUT we have a very large population of highly effective teachers across Lousia County!! The student need for rigorous, 21st century curriculum is always critical but the stress to deliver effective instruction does't have to be. The Louisa ICU is a collaborative environment where great teachers can share great content across a great county!

Please follow these Guidelines when posting Units to the Content Area pages.

Lesson Planning ThinkSheets and Lesson Template

  • Use a Thinksheet above (this document may be used as your lesson planning template for posting on this site)
  • Complete Evaluation Checklist (post with unit)

Collaborative Planning Documents